Malawi has very few dentists who provide their services on a commercial basis and based in urban areas or cities. This impacts on the access to oral healthcare for the marginalised communities.

Most of the rural poor population spend their lifetime without visiting a dentist and suffer with oral issues throughout their entire life. Scoha would like to contribute to making oral health accessible to all by providing a mobile clinic and training to the rural health workers that would provide emergency dental rememdies.

Our Mission

logo2ScoHa’s mission is to provide dental treatment or services and access in a simple and safe way to the marginalised communities in Malawi. The ultimate goal is to improve people’s livelihoods and hence provide a better quality of life that can effectively contribute to socio-economic development in Malawi.

Our Vision

ScoHA recognizes that many Malawians live with extreme pain due to lack of dental health care. ScoHA is working hard to contribute to the alleviation of the need for emergency dental care for the rural population of Malawi.

Scoha has identified there main areas in the dental work:

  • Relief of pain: visiting rural areas to treat dental problems and pull out teeth;
  • Education: teach people about basic dental hygiene;
  • Training: equip health assistants with basic skills for dental extractions.