Many Malawians have no access to dental provisions. People suffer with tooth pain, often no opportunity to obtain relief, without having to make a long and costly journey to a larger city many miles away from home to get to a dental clinic. These clinic provide premium services which are not affordable by the rural population.

Mobile dental Clinic

ScoHa plans to introduce a Mobile service through provision of a Mobile Van Clinic. This strategy will take the dental care, education and training to the remote villages.

ScoHa will use its experience and expertise to run the mobile dental clinics in remote villages, training rural health workers to provide dental health education, pain relief and dental extractions.

Village Work

ScoHa will be carrying out various tasks in the villages including providing referals to2015-08-12 06.54.20 its partner organisation – Ginnery Corner Dental Clinic and where they will be offered free basic dental treatment. Also, the patients will be offered the premium services depending on their needs.

The clinics will also involve educating people on carrying out preventative measures i.e. correct way of brushing teeth.